Smart Agriculture Solution

Bring Agriculture Efficiency with Sensing Technology

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Enjoy More Productive and Cost-Effective Farming

Smart Agriculture Solution
Smart Irrigation Solution

What Kind of Problems
Do Farmers Face?

Under traditional agriculture, farmers rely on time-and-volume-based farming strategy which results in resource excess or insufficiency. The lack of real-time insightful data in the farm and complexities of conventional agriculture system lead to inefficiency, great manpower, and high operation cost.

To address that, farmers need to deal with many problems, including how to:
  • Get Real-Time
    Insights to Increase
    Farming Efficiency

  • Lower Cost,
    Waste and Effort by
    Remote Management

  • Tackle Volatile
    Weather Caused
    by Climate Changes

smart agriculture problem image 1 smart agriculture problem image 2 smart agriculture problem image 3

What Is Milesight Smart
Agriculture Solution?

Milesight Smart Agriculture Solution brings innovative sensing technology to farming from data collection, analysis and insight to enhance decision-making, strategy implementation, farming operation, etc. It makes agriculture more productive and more consistent, and enables farmers to use time and resources more efficiently.

Explore Various Applications of Smart Agriculture Solution

smart agriculture scenario
Smart Irrigation

Streamline Watering Process to Enhance Productivity

Weather Monitoring

Live Stream Weather Data to Plan, React, and Grow Better

Greenhouse Automation

Automate Actions to Achieve Remote and Real-time Management

Animal Tracking

Protect Animals in Case of Straying, Theft, and Accidents

smart agriculture em500 swl
EM500-SWL Submersible Water Level Sensor
smart agriculture em500 lgt
EM500-LGT Light Sensor
smart agriculture em300 th
EM300-TH Temperature & Humidity Sensor
smart agriculture ug67
Outdoor LoRaWAN® Gateway UG67
smart agriculture em500 smtc
EM500-SMTC Soil Moisture, Temperature and Electrical Conductivity Sensor
smart agriculture em500 udl
EM500-UDL Ultrasonic Distance/Level Sensor
smart agriculture uc51x
UC51x Series LoRaWAN® Solenoid Valve Controller
smart agriculture em500 co2
EM500-CO2 Carbon Dioxide Sensor (4 in 1)
smart agriculture x5
X5 Sensing Camera
smart agriculture at101
AT101 Outdoor Asset Tracker
smart agriculture wts50x
WTS50x IoT Weather Station

What Benefits Will You Get?

smart agriculture benefits increase
  • Efficiency Improvement

    The automatic remote solution can improve resource usage effectively, including water, light, etc.

  • High Flexibility at Scale

    The battery-powered sensors can be added or moved anytime anywhere with no worries about cable and electricity.

  • Data Visualization

    Collected data can be transferred to the cloud platform, enabling users to remote control and monitor the devices.

smart agriculture benefits reduce
  • Minimum Human Interference

    The crops are kept at optimum temperature, humidity, light, CO2 , and soil moisture levels automatically.

  • Low Maintenance Costs

    The battery-powered sensors will do away with a lot of the repetitive work.

  • Labor Costs Reduction

    The automatic solution will decrease the number of farmers needed to monitor and tend the growth situation of crops.

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