4G Solar-powered Traffic
Sensing Camera

Easily Deploy, Sharply Detect

4g solar powered traffic sensing camera front small
4g solar powered traffic sensing camera side small
4g solar powered traffic sensing camera back small
  • Radar Triggered Vehicle Capture
  • AI Algorithm for Accurate Focus
  • Low Consumption Technology
  • Solar-powered for Constant Use
  • 4G LTE for Wireless Data Transmission
  • MQTT & HTTP Protocol for Seamless Integration

Install With Ease, No Assistance Needed


Radar & AI Detector,
Real-time Evidence Catcher

Equipped with radar triggered and AI technologies, the camera can trigger high-precision snapshot, making vehicle capture more accurate and clear to see details. It provides an efficient way of objective evidence capture for community or police use.

Low Consumption,
High Efficiency

Normally the camera enters a low-power operation state to conserve energy. When a vehicle approaches, the quick start mechanism makes the camera react promptly and take a bunch of pictures with different angle of objects and vehicle trace.

low power consumption

Solar-powered for
Sustainable Use

Let sunshine be your best charger, solar-powered camera can cycle charging to achieve continuous use with a large capacity battery which can last several days even in rainy days.

Make Data Transfer Wireless, Effortless

Thanks to 4G LTE, the camera can transmit snapshots quickly without wiring hassles even in isolated and distant areas, greatly achieving both flexibility and stability.

Compatible with
Third-party Platform

The camera can be connected to any third-party platform with MQTT & HTTP protocol to achieve deep-learning functions like license plate smart search and instant notifications on multiple devices, etc.

Quick Configuration
on Mobile Device

Thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity, setting up our camera is a breeze. Simply connecting to the camera's Wi-Fi, our camera's user-friendly design makes it easy for anyone to use and deploy quickly. We have also prepared a tutorial video. Click here to watch.

easy configuration

Multiple Applications Cater for Various Needs

Empowered by various powerful technologies, the camera can be used for multiple applications, providing more possibilities and flexible solutions. It can be connected to any third-party platform with MQTT & HTTP protocol to achieve diverse functions like license plate smart search and instant notifications.

appliation 1

Traffic Flow Collection for
Further Insights

Thanks to Wireless deployment, it can be easily deployed in the road needed to collect traffic flow information 24/7, which is ideal for traffic monitoring and management.

appliation 2

Entry&Exit Time Capture for
Parking lot

For the parking lot where it is inconvenient to wire, the camera is a good choice to deployed for capturing the time when the vehicle enters and leaves to collect fees.

appliation 3

Illegal Parking Capture

For some no-parking areas, such as the loading zone, it can provide evidence capture to prevent illegal occupation and vehicle parking overstay.

appliation 4

Safer Neighborhoods-day and night,
rain or shine

Plus with IP66 and solar-powered ability, it helps capture the objective evidence needed 24/7 to reduce crime rates, improving neighborhood security and protecting home values.

appliation 5

Specific Lane Capture

It can be used for the specific lane detection like non-motorized lane or bus lane detection by customizing the detection area, helping you capture the illegal bus lane occupation or disallowed vehicles evidence.

appliation 6

Tackle Illegal Dumping,
Improve Environment Protection

To avoid the extra cost of garbage disposal, some people discard it in the wild. The camera can capture the entry and exit of vehicles at major intersections or specific landfill points to prevent illegal dumping.

Unique Structure Design

Reshaping and redefining what a camera can be, Milesight developed the wire-free camera with an innovative appearance that realizes a high-concealment, and still maintain a decent and practical design language.

unique structure design



Capture Performance
Capture RateUp to 98%
Optimal Capture Distance6m (With 6mm lens) 15m~20m (With 16mm lens)
Capture Range3~15m (With 6mm lens) 10~25m (With 16mm lens)
Nighttime Illumination DistanceUp to 15m (With 6mm lens) Up to 25m (With 16mm lens)
Coverage2 lanes (8m)
Capture SpeedBe recommended to use when the vehicle speed <30km/h (With 6mm lens);
Be recommended to use when the vehicle speed <70km/h (With 16mm lens)
Wireless Network
Cellular4G LTE
NA: B2/B4/B5/B12/B13/B25/B26 EU: B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B28
AU: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28/B66
SIM CardNano SIM
Image Sensor1/2.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS
Day/Night ModeDay/Night/Auto
IR Wave Length850nm (Default); 740nm (Optional)
Field of ViewH19.4° /D22.2° /V11° (16mm)
H52.8°/D60.4°/V29.7° (6mm)
Max. Resolution1920×1080
Image SettingBrightness/Contrast/Saturation/Sharpness
GPSBuilt-in High-accuracy GPS Module
Radar Working Frequency24GHz
StorageSupport microSD/SDHC/SDXC Card Local Storage, up to 256G
Solar PowerPower: ≥35W
OCV: <22V
Connector: MC4
Direct & Battery PowerPower Supply: USB Type-C
Battery: 7.2V, 6400mAh, 46.08Wh
Operational Temperature: Charge: -20℃ ~-45℃; Discharge: -20℃ ~60℃
Battery Life: The power is 70% after 500 times of accumulative charging and discharging
Power Consumption288mW Normal (Detection Status)
1.166W Normal (Capture Status)
5.9W MAX (Night Capture Status)
Weather ProofIP66
212g (Battery Weight)
Rain Cover Movement Distance10mm
Dimensions175mmX111mmX63.2mm (Without Rain Cover)
Warranty2 Years

* Naming Convention
SC - Sensing Camera
2 - Intelligent Traffic
1 - Frame-based Al
(2_)1 - 4G Solar-powered Traffic Sensing Camera
NA - North America
EU - Europe, the Middle East and Africa
AU - Latin America,Australia and New Zealand


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