Passage People Counter

Count Smart, Spend Wise

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  • LoRaWAN® Wireless Deployment
  • Flexible Bi-Directional People Counting
  • Cost-Effective Accuracy Performance
  • 100% Anonymous Detection
  • Large Detection Area
  • 4 Years Long Battery Life with High Report Frequency
  • Unique Milesight D2D Communication
  • Device Management & Application Development

Passage People Counting in A Cost-Effective Way

With bi-directional detection using dual PIR sensors, the passage people counter brings applicable accuracy and redefines the way you track foot traffic in a cost-effective way.


LoRaWAN® Wireless

Easy and convenient wireless deployment dispenses with being perplexed by network connection. The benefits of LoRaWAN® technologies guarantee low power consumption, long-distance transmission, deep penetration, and anonymous detection.

bi directional people counting

Bi-Directional People

The Passage People Counter applies dual PIR sensors. It identifies the presence of people by detecting infrared radiation changes. To differentiate bidirectional movements and realize clear two-way people counting, two PIR sensors work in tandem to detect moving directions determined by the signal waveform.

100% Anonymous Detection

The LoRaWAN® narrow bandwidth transmits data with no personally identifiable information involved, which 100% guarantees privacy protection at the source. Nothing to worry about, It is compliant with GDPR.

anonymous detection

4 Years Long Service Life

Based on the low power consumption LoRaWAN® protocol, the sensor can maintain a long battery life of 4 years with a high reporting frequency of 10 minutes. It is ideal for covering most user demands in different scenarios.

single person passing accuracy
cost effective accuracy

Cost-Effective Accuracy

The Passage People Counter with high-cost performance elevates your business intelligence. It brings an accuracy of up to 95% when detecting a single person while reaching an accuracy of 80% to cover people's flow tendency for most spaces. The people counter combines precision and cost performance to get dependable data for informed decision-making in various applications.

Large Detection Area

Engineering for passages with a wide coverage of 3 meters in height and 2.8 meters in width, the people counter ensures that no movement goes unnoticed. It is a good helper to provide comprehensive insights into foot traffic within the target area.

*The detection ranges are measured under a temperature of 20℃. And they may decrease as the temperature increases.

Milesight D2D

The exclusive Milesight LoRa®-based protocol allows the people counter to easily communicate with other Milesight LoRaWAN® devices within 1 second. The facilities like lights can be intelligently switched through the linkage to realize accurate, timely, and automatic responses, bringing easier and smarter extended performance.

Device Management & Application Development

Milesight Development Platform

Milesight Development Platform simplifies IoT deployments and management with plug-and-play device configurations, batch operations for multi-device handling, and API & webhooks for custom integration and application development.


Milesight IoT Cloud

Milesight IoT Cloud streamlines device-to-cloud connection with data visualization and remote monitoring and control.


Easy Installation

Transforming the passages with the impressive people counter has never been easier. The sensor pursues simplicity and effortless installation performance with its physical design and brackets. The user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free deployment process, allowing you to start monitoring foot traffic in no time.

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easy installation

Typical Applications

NFC Configuration

Switching On/Off & Configuring the Devices Wirelessly

nfc configuration

1st Step

Install the
Milesight ToolBox

easy nfc configuration

2nd Step

Enable NFC and run ToolBox,
then attach your phone to the device

nfc configuration steps

3rd Step

Verify the password
and start configuring

Explore More About NFC Configuration >>

Versatile Installation

ceiling mount wall mounting

Ceiling Mounting

Wall Mounting


People Counting
TechnologyDual PIR
Installation HeightCeiling Mount: ≤ 3.0m
Wall Mount: 1.2m~1.3m
Detection Range1Ceiling Mount: Passage Width = 2.8 m ( At the height of 3m)
Wall Mount: Passage Width < 2.3m
Detection RateSingle Person2: Up to 95%
Multiple People: Up to 80%
Best Operating Temperature315 °C~32 °C
Bi-directional CountingSupport
Range-30°C ~ 70°C
Accuracy± 0.5°C
Wireless Transmission
ProtocolLoRaWAN®, Milesight D2D
Tx Power16 dBm (868 MHz)/19 dBm (470 MHz)/22 dBm (915 MHz)
ModeOTAA/ABP Class A
LED1 × LED Indicator (Internal)
Button1 × Reset Button (Internal)
ConfigurationNFC Configuration via Mobile App
Advanced FeatureData Storage, Data Retransmission, Milesight D2D Controller
Physical Characteristics
Power Supply2 x 2700 mAh ER14505 Li-SOCl2 Replaceable Batteries
Battery Life4Around 4 Years (10-min Interval, 25°C, 1000 People per Day )
Operating Temperature-20°C ~ 60°C
Relative Humidity0% - 95% (Non-condensing)
Ingress ProtectionIP30
Dimension100 x 70 x 21 mm ( 3.94 x 2.76 x 0.83in)
Material & ColorPC (Flame Retardant), White
InstallationCeiling Mount, Wall Mount

1 This detection range works at an environment temperature of 20°C. The higher the environment temperature, the smalle the detection range.
2 40-50 cm should be kept between two people while passing the detection area.
3 The sensitivity of PIRs is greatly influenced by ambient temperature. And the most effective working temperature
range is +15 to +32 °C.
4 Tested under laboratory conditions and for guideline purposes only.


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