Leak Detection Sensor

Monitoring with Simple & Significant Data

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  • IP67 Rated and UV Resistance
  • Probe & Rope Type Available
  • Conductive Liquids Leak Detection
  • Embedded Temperature & Humidity Sensors
  • Customized Alarm Reporting Interval/Times
  • Up to 10 Years Battery Life

Two Types to Meet Different Needs


Probe type for detecting two fixed points
with 1.5m of cable


Rope type for detecting large areas
covered by 3m of cable

(Optional cable lengths of hundred meters available)

leak detection sensor probe tyoe
leak detection sensor rope type

Leak Detection with High

M300-SLD/ZLD is suitable for detecting the presence of water and remotely alerting users to potential water leak, water spillage, or floor wetness. It supports water or other conductive liquids leak detection when liquid levels reach 5mm.

Advanced Alarm Settings

With customized alarm report interval and times, users are able to apply it flexibly in various scenarios.

3 Sensors in 1

EM300-SLD/ZLD is equipped with temperature and humidity sensors for comprehensive monitoring in one device.

  • Temperature: + 0.3°C (0°C ~ 70°C), + 0.6°C (-30°C ~ 0°C)
  • Humidity: + 3% (10% ~ 90%), + 5% (below 10% and above 90%)

Industrial Grade Design for Harsh Environment

  • IP67 Enclosure for Dust and Water Ingress
  • UV Resistance

Multi-Year Battery Operation

LoRaWAN® Based

  • Penetrating Signals: data transmission range up to 2 km in urban areas and 15 km in rural areas
  • High Compatibility: compliant with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers
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Milesight D2D Communication

Milesight D2D (Device to Device) communication protocol featuring LoRa® enables communication among different Milesight LoRaWAN® node devices without a LoRaWAN® gateway.

Lower Latency

Less than 1 Second
Response Time


Investment Cost

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Milesight D2D

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iot controller d2d



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leak detection sensor d2d alarming

Alarm Bulb

Learn More

Store Capacity with 2,800 Sets of Historical Data Records

Data can be stored in the device and cannot be manually deleted, further securing the traceability of the reported information.

Support Retransmission for Reliable Communication

With support for data retransmission, the device guarantees that the web server gets all the data even if the network is down occasionally.

Cloud Data Management Milesight IoT Cloud

  • Data Visualization Dashboard:
    All figures in a glance
  • Automatic Triggers:
    Interactive collaboration with Milesight IoT sensors
    to realize scene-based automation
  • Regular Reports & Real-Time Alerts:
    Data-based insights
  • Android & iOS App:
    Manage devices at your fingertips

NFC Configuration

Switching on/off and configuring the device via NFC technology from mobile phone or PC

leak detection sensor nfc configuration step 1

1st Step

Install the
Milesight ToolBox

leak detection sensor nfc configuration step 2

2nd Step

Enable NFC and run ToolBox,
then attach your phone to the device

leak detection sensor nfc configuration step 3

3rd Step

Verify the password
and start configuring

Explore More About NFC Configuration >>


leak detection sensor installation

Wall Mounting


Wireless Transmission
Tx Power16dBm(868)/20dBm(915)/19dBm(470)
Sensitivity-137dBm @300bps
ModeOTAA/ABP Class A
Leakage Detection
Trigger ConditionWhen liquid level reaches 5mm
Detection CableEM300-SLD: 1.5m/ EM300-ZLD: 3m (Customizable)
Range-30°C to + 70°C
Accuracy0°C to + 70°C (+/- 0.3°C), -30°C to 0°C (+/- 0.6°C)
Range0% to 100% RH
Accuracy10% to 90% RH (+/- 3%), below 10% and above 90% RH (+/- 5%)
Resolution0.5% RH
Power On & OffNFC, Power Button (Internal)
ConfigurationNFC Configuration via Mobile App
Physical Characteristics
Power Supply1 × 4000 mAh ER18505 Li-SOCL2 battery (extendable to 2 batteries)
Battery Life*10 years (10 min interval + 24 triggers per day)
Operating Temperature-30°C to +70°C
Relative Humidity0% to 100% (non-condensing)
Ingress ProtectionIP67
Dimension105.6 × 85.3 × 27 mm (4.16 × 3.36 × 1.06 in)
InstallationWall Mounting
RegulatoryCE, FCC, RoHS


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