Multi-Interface Controller

Feature-Rich Sensor Hub for Connecting Sensors

UC501 & UC502
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  • Rich Industrial Interfaces: GPIO, AI, RS232/485 & SDI-12
  • SDI-12 Interface for Environmental Data Acquisition
  • Internal and External Antenna Versions Optional
  • IP67 Rated Enclosure for Harsh Environments
  • Flexible Power Supply Options
  • Data Threshold Reporting
  • Easy Configuration via NFC
  • Data Integrity and Reliability
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  • IoT LoRaWAN® Series
  • UC50x
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Rich Industrial Interfaces

The UC50x Series features multiple industrial interfaces to monitor and control field sensors or devices simultaneously.


SDI-12 Interface for
Environmental Data

The UC50x Series is equipped with SDI-12 interface, making it incredibly easy to connect a wide range of instruments used for environmental monitoring. This includes weather sensors, hydrological sensors, agricultural sensors, etc. With SDI-12 support, the UC50x series expands its versatility and adaptability across multiple domains.

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Flexible Power Supply Options

Solar-powered or battery-powered? It all depends on your needs.

Ultra-Rugged Enclosure for Harsh Environment

The UC50x Series is equipped with an IP67 rated enclosure and an M12 connector that offer robust protection against water ingress, corrosion, and vibrations. This combination of features ensures long-term, dependable operation in challenging all-weather environments.

4 ip67

Timely Alerts and

The UC50x Series enables data threshold reporting, triggering alerts and notifications when sensor readings exceed previously set thresholds. This facilitates proactive monitoring and ensures a timely response to abnormal situations, promoting prompt resolution and preventing potential issues.

Internal and External Antenna Versions Optional

The UC50x Series provides flexibility in antenna placement, ensuring optimal signal strength and range, even in environments with obstacles or challenging RF conditions.

Analog Input Value Conversion

The UC50x series simplifies data interpretation and utilization for users by directly converting received sensor values into meaningful measurements for connected devices, eliminating the need for manual conversion.

Modbus to LoRaWAN® Converter

Bridge Modbus data between serial and Ethernet networks via LoRaWAN®

8 modebus converter

Typical Applications

Meter Reading

With its GPIO interface, the UC50x series can function as a pulse counter, allowing you to monitor gas, water, and electricity consumption or production effortlessly.

LoRaWAN® Based

  • Penetrating Signals: data transmission range up to 2 km in urban areas and
    15 km in rural areas
  • High Compatibility: compliant with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers

Store CapacityUp to 10000
Sets of Historical Data Records

Data can be stored in the device and cannot be manually deleted, further securing the traceability of the reported information.

Support Retransmission
for Reliable Communication

With support for data retransmission, the device guarantees that the web server gets all the data even if the network is down occasionally.

Cloud Data Management
Milesight IoT Cloud

  • Data Visualization Dashboard:
    All figures in a glance
  • Automatic Triggers:
    Interactive collaboration with Milesight IoT sensors
    to realize scene-based automation
  • Regular Reports & Real-Time Alerts:
    Data-based insights
  • Android & iOS App:
    Manage devices at your fingertips

CAT 1 & NB-loT & CAT M
Versions Available

Stable Transmission: Reliable data transmission via cellular base stations Low Deployment Cost: Low deployment cost due to the presence of existing cellular base stations

Cumulative Reporting:
Accumulate up to 12 data packets in each report saving transmission cost and power consumption

Ultra-high Compatibility:
Integrate with various 3rd party platforms through MQTT\TCP\UDP communication.

Easy Configuration (via NFC)

15 nfc 1

1st Step

Install the
Milesight ToolBox

15 nfc 2

2nd Step

Enable NFC and run ToolBox,
then attach your phone to the device

15 nfc 3

3rd Step

Verify the password
and start configuring

Explore More About NFC Configuration >>

Flexible Installation

wall mounting pole mounting

Wall Mounting

Pole Mounting


Wireless Transmission
Tx Power16dBm (868 MHz)/20dBm (915 MHz)/19dBm (470 MHz)
Sensitivity-137dBm @300bps
Work ModeUC501: OTAA/ABP Class A, Class C
UC502: OTAA/ABP Class A
Data Interfaces
Interface TypeM12 A-Coded Male
Ports2 × GPIO
Logical LevelLow: 0~0.9 V, High: 2.5~3.3 V
Maximum Current20 mA
Work ModeDigital Input, Digital Output, Pulse Counter
Serial Port
Ports1 × RS232 or RS485 (Switchable)
Baud Rate1200~115200 bps
ProtocolTransparent (RS232), Modbus RTU (RS485)
Analog Input
Ports2 × Analog Input
Resolution12 bit
Input Range4~20 mA or 0~10 V (Switchable)
Power Output
Ports2 × 3.3 V@Max 300mA, 2 × 5/9/12 V @Max 200 mA (Switchable)
Power On & OffMobile App (via NFC), PC Software (via USB Type-C),
Power Button (Internal)
ConfigurationMobile App (via NFC) or PC software (via USB Type-C)
Physical Characteristics
Power SupplyUC501:
1. 2 × 2550 mAh chargeable battery
2. Solar powered (5 V, 1.6 W)
3. 5-24 VDC
1. 3 × 9000 mAh replaceable Li-SOCl2 battery
2. 5-24 VDC
Power Connector1 × M12 A-Coded Male Interface
Operating Temperature-20°C to +60°C
Ingress ProtectionIP67
Dimension116 × 116 × 45.5 mm (4.56 × 4.56 × 1.79 in)
InstallationWall or Pole Mounting


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