Milesight 5G Suite Empowers IoT Applications with Reliable and Secure Connectivity

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The rising of 5G technology has gradually proven its outstanding performance compared to the early times when 5G technology was doubted a lot. Many industries have benefited from the 5G network, improving productivity and efficiency. 5G industrial router enables industries to embrace and enjoy the high-speed and low latency network and facilitate the massive deployment of IoT applications.  

What is the difference between the 5G network and others?

Milesight introduces the state-of-the-art 5G Suite including UF51 5G CPE, UF31 5G Dongle, and UR75 Industrial Cellular Router, to bring the next generation of connectivity to your industries.  

Key Features of 5G Suite

UF51, the ultra-fast and futuristic 5G CPE is engineered to keep more devices connected in the most demanding environments with high performance.

  • Fast & Reliable Network

- Qualcomm quad-core CPU -Global 5G NSA&SA/4G LTE network

- Gigabit Ethernet ports

- 2.4G & 5G dual band Wi-Fi support

- Embedded 8 5G antennas and 4 Wi-Fi antennas

- Equipped with I/O, serial port, GPS for industrial transmission applications

  • Security & Reliability

- Embedded Python SDK for functional programming and seamless deployment to edge nodes

- Automated failover/failback among Ethernet, Cellular and Wi-Fi

- Secure transmission with VPN tunnels

- Reliable firewall for secure networking

- Embedded hardware watchdog  

UF31, the mini yet powerful 5G Dongle is a 5G-to-wired device which provides USB Type-C for data & power transmission. Its plug-and-play design is born to offer a 4G to 5G migration solution for mobility, embedded system, and general-purpose applications in the most economical and effortless way.


-4.13 Gbps Downlink Peak Rate

- 4 × 4 MIMO Downlink -SA & NSA Modes

- Embedded hardware watchdog

- USB or DC power supply optional

- Compact size to be deployed anywhere

- Firewall and VPN tunnels to ensure security data transmission - User-friendly WEB GUI and CLI  

UR75, the ultra-series is not only an intelligent industrial IoT router, but also an unrivaled wireless networking solution.

  • High Capacity

-Qualcomm quad-core CPU with big memory

- Global 5G (NSA/SA)/4G LTE network with dual SIM cards for backup between multiple carrier networks

- Gigabit Ethernet ports for lightning transmission of data

- Embedded Python SDK for secondary development

- Flexible modular design provides users with different connection modules like Ethernet, I/O, serial port, Wi-Fi, GPS for connecting diverse field assets

- Rugged enclosure, optimized for DIN rail or shelf mounting

  • Security & Reliability

- Quickly develop functions with Function Compute and deploy them seamlessly to edge nodes

- Automated failover/failback between Ethernet, Cellular (dual SIM) and Wi-Fi

- Secure transmission with VPN tunnels

- Embedded hardware watchdog  

  • Applications

5G router enables a more flexible and reliable connection for applications that expects higher bandwidth, lower latency and superior stability. Numerous industries can benefit from 5G.  

  • Smart Grid

5G router provides real-time monitoring of electricity, heat, and water supply. These updates can be used to alert controllers to any potential issues or disruptions before they hit a critical point.  

  • Wireless Finance

5G router ensures ATM, POS and banking systems faster and securer connection which will greatly boost operation efficiency and improve user experience.  

  • City Infrastructure

5G router delivers ultra-fast connection for the management and monitoring of devices in a smart city, which includes traffic light, CCTV, street lighting, and etc.  

  • Smart Factory

More and more factories turn to 5G to speed up toward Industry 4.0. 5G combined with edge computing, data collected can be processed closer to its source instead of a distant data center, thus reducing network latency, which contributes to faster data-driven actions.  

See how 5G improves AGV performance in factories    

  • Transportation

5G router provides transportation with smooth and stable network. Whether it’s for passengers or for operators, 5G is a reliable choice.  

Discover more about how 5G empowers transportation.  


5G industrial router provides the communication backbones that reliably and securely connects operators to the data they need to make informed decisions, from any location. As an important upgrade from 4G, 5G router brings many benefits:  

  • Lower Latency: Data can be transmitted faster which contributes to more precise and accurate data.
  • Massive Connectivity: More devices can be connected and operated at the same time without the worry of causing the network jam, thus greatly improving productivity.
  • Higher Speed: With higher bandwidth, 5G network can transfer larger data package like video in seconds.
  • Lower Maintenance: 5G router delivers wireless connection that reduces the requirements to install expensive cable to connect devices on the site.

Milesight 5G Suite is a purpose-built 5G solution that serves as a more robust and IoT-ready connectivity on a global scale. We believe that our products will power up customers’ businesses globally.

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