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Ursalink Firmware Release Note


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Version 4.28

1. Check log via USB
2. Add Modbus RS485 LoRaWAN function of UC1152
3. Add “Acquire” button on interface of UC1152; help users to acquire the newest channel data when configuring RS485 function;
4. Optimize reported data package format and decrease package size and package loss rate;

Version 4.24

1. Optimize the network access rate (SF=12, 11, 10);
2. Optimize the processing mechanism when the network fails to reduce power consumption;
3. Fix the problem that the KR920 can’t receive data.
4. Fix the problem that LoRa sends timeout when ChannelsNbRep is greater than 1.
5. Fix the problem of entering the low power probability and causing the system to restart.

Version 2.7

1. Supports UC11-T1 and UC11-N1 devices
2. When the temperature changes more than 2 °C, the device will automatically report the latest temperature value. It does not need to wait until the reporting period is reached before reporting the data, making the temperature monitoring of UC11-T1 more intelligent, helping users to obtain the latest temperature changes in time.

Version 2.0.17

Fix some bugs

Version 2.0.15

1. Users need only 1 command to complete the download of the installation package and firmware;
2. Clear logs regularly each day (logs that were written 2 weeks ago)
3. Clean database regularly (clean statistics and GPS data)
4. UR32 supports upgrade and provision in bulk.

Version 1.0.16

Fix some bugs

Version 1.0.13

1. Users only need 1 command to complete downloading of the installation package and firmware.
2. Clean logs regularly each day (logs that were written 2 weeks ago)