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Develop Device-to-Cloud Connection

The Ursalink Cloud is a comprehensive cloud service that provides unparalleled levels of vertical integration with Ursalink devices (sensors, sensor nodes, remote I/Os) and links vertical, back-end applications to remote assets. Read Overview article of Ursalink Cloud.


Device Sharing & Transferring

  • Allow admin to add users for co-operating
  • Share device with multiple users
  • Share with different levels of permission
  • Transfer ownership of devices easily

Intuitive Interface

  • Manage Ursalink Remote I/O effectively
  • Transform collected data into intuitive graphic chart
  • Highly configurable with each interface of device
  • Control remote devices with just one click

Use Immediately

Reduced TimeReduced TimeReduced Time

Reduced Time & Cost

Personnel can operate Ursalink devices easily on Web or Mobile App without going to site.

  • Customize alert threshold
  • Create Triggers in a snap
  • Schedule time-based events easily
  • GPS positioning
  • Receive alerts via E-mail and mobile push

Flexible API

The Ursalink Cloud provides HTTPs and RESTful APIs to transform data collected from field devices into visualization in software applications, for example report tools or other applications.

Flexible Api Interface



FunctionPlan Starter Professional
Monthly Basic Fee $7 $14
Admin 5 10
Alert Notification Receiver 5 10
Total Alert Notification 1000 2000
Technical Support By Email By Email
By Instant Online Chat
Cloud API √ (Extra Charge Needed) √ (Extra Charge Needed)
Contact us
Contact us

Number of *Devices

≦ 20


Unit Price per Month

Number of *Devices

> 20


Unit Price per Month

Number of *Devices

> 50


Unit Price per Month

Number of *Devices

> 100


Unit Price per Month

Device: UC3x, UC11xx, UC11-N1, UC11-T1

Example: Professional plan with 30 Ursalink LoRaWAN sensors; total monthly fee: 14+30*3.59= 121.7 USD

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