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Develop Device-to-Cloud Connection

The Ursalink Cloud is a comprehensive cloud service that provides unparalleled levels of vertical integration with Ursalink devices (sensors, sensor nodes, remote I/Os) and links vertical, back-end applications to remote assets. Read Overview article of Ursalink Cloud. (*Currently API not available)


Device Sharing & Transferring

  • Allow admin to add users for co-operating
  • Share device with multiple users
  • Share with different levels of permission
  • Transfer ownership of devices easily

Intuitive Interface

  • Manage Ursalink Remote I/O effectively
  • Transform collected data into intuitive graphic chart
  • Highly configurable with each interface of device
  • Control remote devices with just one click

Use Immediately

Reduced TimeReduced TimeReduced Time

Reduced Time & Cost

Personnel can operate Ursalink devices easily on Web or Mobile App without going to site.

  • Customize alert threshold
  • Create Triggers in a snap
  • Schedule time-based events easily
  • GPS positioning
  • Receive alerts via E-mail and mobile push

Flexible API*

The Ursalink Cloud provides HTTPs and RESTful APIs to transform data collected from field devices into visualization in software applications, for example report tools or other applications. (*currently API not available)

Flexible Api Interface



FunctionPlan Starter Professional
Monthly Basic Fee $7 $14
Admin 5 10
Alert Notification Receiver 5 10
Total Alert Notification 1000 2000
Technical Support By Email By Email
By Instant Online Chat
Cloud API √ (Extra Charge Needed) √ (Extra Charge Needed)
Contact us
Contact us

Number of *Devices

≦ 20


Unit Price per Month

Number of *Devices

> 20


Unit Price per Month

Number of *Devices

> 50


Unit Price per Month

Number of *Devices

> 100


Unit Price per Month

Device: UC3x, UC11xx, UC11-N1, UC11-T1

Example: Professional plan with 30 Ursalink LoRaWAN sensors; total monthly fee: 14+30*3.59= 121.7 USD

Mobile App Available


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