Ursalink Channel Partner Program

Become a Partner

Partner Program provides everything you need to quickly create new opportunities, close new business, and ensure success. We’re dedicated to encouraging this partner program and supporting our partners at all levels (see tech partner).                                                      Learn Ursalink’s 3 major supports in great details >>>



MAP Control

The authorized online channel partners must understand their obligations under Ursalink’s MAP Policy and abide by them. Read Ursalink Online MAP Policy.


Project Protection

Ursalink maintains a channel-friendly environment and will not compete with our partners by helping you lock in and give you exclusive rights to a project.


Higher Margin

Ursalink manages sales and distribution channels to develop sales partner relationships and harmonize the requirements of classic and digital sales channels.


Marketing Support

Printed/Digital Brochures >>>

Digital Marketing Collateral >>>

Social Posts (LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter)

Co-branded Case Studies >>>

Marketing Development Fund

Dedicated Marketing Support Specialist >>>

Tech Support

Free video tutorials with Ursalink Academy (YouTube >>>

FREE technical support (Chinese and English only) >>>

Webinars & Product Training >>>

Software & Firmware Upgrade  >>>

Online Product Manuals  >>>


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