As cities around the world continue to develop and implement smart city solutions, there is an increasing number of devices being deployed. These can be the installation of cameras for traffic security monitoring or sensors to provide data on air quality, etc. LoRaWAN sensors are the preferred choice for environmental monitoring due to its reliability, ease of deployment and low cost. Industrial grade cellular routers are the optimal choice for the data forwarding from cameras and sensors to remote monitoring center wirelessly. Those smart devices are being deployed to combine the concepts of good governance, economy-friendly and sustainable development together for a intelligent city.

Download (PDF): Traffic Security and Enviromental Monitoring



    • Traffic Security Monitoring (IP Camera)
    • Environmental Monitoring (Temperature, Humidity, PM2.5, PM10, Wind Speed)


Infracomms – our Singaporean partner – has developed a solution that enables the rapid deployment and scaling of smart cities. Their SmartHub solution is a purpose-built enclosure box system that has celllular, LoRaWAN and even back-haul capabilities built-in. It uses Ursalink’s UG85 as a LoRaWAN gateway to collect sensor data, as well as UR35 to provide cellular back-haul as well as a PoE device for CCTV cameras. This allow for real-time big data collection of  traffic security monitoring from cameras via the cellular network, and small data transmissions from sensors via LoRa network.

In this application, several legacy environmental monitoring sensors are connected to the UC11-N1 Sensor Node and they send the data collected to the UG85 LoRa Gateway. The optional solar panel for the UC11-N1 charges battery of the sensor node which in turn provides power to the sensors as well. This makes it easy to deploy sensors that need no change of batteries as well. The UR35 cellular router provides electrical power to the UG85 and cameras via the PoE interface. It also acts as a packet forwarder for both the UG85 LoRa Gateway as well as the camera which allows operators to access data from the devices remotely.


Hardware List:

UG85 LoRaWAN Gateway (Indoor)

UC11-N1 Sensor Node/Controller

UR35 Cellular Router (PoE)

Solar Panel for UC11-N1


Get Perfect Coexistence of High-bandwidth and Low-bandwidth Data Transmission in intelligent city solution.

traffic-security- environmental-smart-city


    • UR35 router offers external interfaces to power, connect and manage multiple devices including high-definition IP camera and LoRaWAN gateway
    • UC11-N1 sensor node bridges the gap between legacy sensors and LoRaWAN network
    • Assures the benefits of fully-private network
    • Significantly simplifies deployment processes and smart city maintenance
    • Meets Internet access and back-haul requirements
    • Perfect balance of traffic security governance, budget and management

About Infracomms

Infracomms is a communication infrastructure supply chain specialist that has many years of experience in supplying and deploying copper connectivity solutions, fiber optics connectivity solution and advanced coverage for indoor and outdoor environments.