The history of Chinese tea is a long and gradual story of refinement. Generations of growers and producers have perfected the Chinese way of manufacturing tea. 

There are two to seven procedures are involved in the processing of fresh tea leaves, such as withering, fixing, oxidation, rolling, drying, and aging. Each of these procedures required high accuracy and high stability in temperature and moisture controlling to avoid spoilage due to excess moisture and fluctuating temperatures.

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To provide a consistent, high quality tea product, one of the tea manufacturers from Wuyishan contact us for a real-time environment monitoring solution.

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  • Knowing the oxygen content of the air during the oxidation
  • Temperature & humidity monitoring in the tea drying machine
  • Monitor the internal components of tea processing machinery to prevent equipment failure
  • Receiving alarm timely when environment conditions exceed the threshold



In this project, the RS485 type oxygen sensor is connected to UC11-N1 via serial communication to detect the oxygen concentration of the ambient air. Featuring IP67 rating and wide operating temperature, the EM300-TH can be installed in the high heat tumble dryers to monitor the internal temperature and humidity, which makes sure the tea leaf drying process under the best conditions. While the EM500-PT100 temperature sensor is used for monitoring the temperature of tea processing machinery, to prevent equipment fault caused by long operating time. With multiple head type selections, The PT100 sensor can be attached to the internal components directly.

manufacturing tea

The Ursalink UG65 LoRaWAN® gateway will receive all sensing data, and then it forwards all data to Ursalink Cloud. User can not only see visualized data on mobile phone but also get real-time alarm from anywhere.

manufacturing tea

Product List

UC11-N1 LoRaWAN® Sensor Node

EM300-TH Temperature & Humidity Sensor

EM500-PT100 Temperature Sensor

UG65 LoRaWAN® Gateway



  • Improve tea manufacturing efficiency
  • Guarantee the best tea product quality consistently
  • Monitor the healthy status of machinery to prevent equipment faulty
  • Receive real-time alarm on mobile phone