As is known to all, office temperature monitoring is of great importance because it can help businesses to better control cost. In order to provide businesses with the means to increase energy efficiency and control cost, Ursalink implements an office temperature monitoring pilot project to monitor whether temperatures is above or below the maximum or minimum temperature threshold in the refrigerator, server room, and meeting room.




  • Refrigerator
  • Server Room
  • Meeting Room
  • Office Area

Hardware & Software List




Why Ursalink Sensor?

  • IP65 Waterproof Enclosure: Compared to traditional sensors, Ursalink UC11-T1 Temp/Humidity Sensor has an IP65 enclosure and can work perfectly inside the refrigerator.
  • Broad coverage: LoRa technology provides broader coverage than Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Zigbee technologies and this advantage is quite obvious.
  • Time-Saving Maintenance: With Ursalink UC11-T1 Temp/Humidity Sensor, office admins will spend no extra time and energy worrying about when to replace or recharge the battery, because the battery of UC11-T1 can last nearly 5 years.
  • Easy Setup: UC11-T1 takes just a few minutes to install on the wall and connect to Ursalink Cloud




The solution uses Ethernet connectivity as primary connectivity and cellular network as backup.



Quick Start

Step 1: Place Temp/Humidity Sensors respectively in the refrigerator, server room, meeting room, and office area to collect temperature and humidity data;
Step 2: Place UG85 LoRaWAN® gateway in the office to receive data collected from sensors;
Step 3: Connect all devices to Ursalink Cloud and name each device.


How to Work

1. Refrigerator – to avoid someone forgetting to close the refrigerator. If any temperature changes are detected and exceed the maximum temperature threshold, Ursalink Cloud will send alerts to the admin via email or app push as preset.

2. Server room – to maintain a low temperature in the server room. If any temperature changes are detected and exceed the maximum temperature threshold, Ursalink Cloud will send alerts to the admin via email and app push as preset.

3. Meeting room – to check whether the air-conditioner is on/off. In this case, any temperature changes in the meeting room will not trigger alerts as the main logic here is to check the temperature status inside the meeting room to learn whether the air-conditioner is still on after work.


Image 1 – Ursalink Office Map


Image 2 – Application Topology


Visualized Data

Temperature_History_ Refrigerator (Table)

Image 3 – Temperature History in Refrigerator (Table)


Image 4 – Temperature History in Refrigerator (Line Chart)


Image 5 – Updated Temperature Status in Refrigerator, Server Room and Meeting Room


Image 6 – Temperature Status Overview



Better Cost Control & Energy Saving

The automated system will monitor temperature change/status and notify admins to take actions if any conditions are triggered.

Secure Data Transmission & Protect Privacy

Embedded network server provides a more secure method of data transmission and pay great attention to your privacy.