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Ursalink LoRaWAN® sensors provide accurate temperature and humidity control for predictive conservation of ancient arts in the museum.


LoRaWAN® wireless monitoring adopted in tea processing to guarantee tea product quality consistently and lower maintenance costs.


The designed solution makes the telecom and energy providers able to access any prepaid energy meter in MSANs and control the measurements of this meter.


Ursalink extends its LoRaWAN® network coverage to forest industry. The forest monitoring and changes can be digitalized into data by leveraging LoRaWAN® technology.


LoRaWAN® technology is being used in the irrigated agriculture to improve the water-use efficiency and protect modern agricultural practices.


An effortless way to measure and monitor temperature, humidity and security, allowing you to maintain optimum conditions.

Remote Machine Monitoring

Ursalink helps to put machines into the cloud for remote machine monitoring to enable data insight, get early warning and prevent production shutdowns.


The bundle solution of cellular router, LoRaWAN® gateway and sensor node makes the city more responsive, energetic and intelligent.


Ursalink cellular router provides you with consistent and secure operability and reliable wireless connections for critical remote applications.


Circuses, open-air concerts, roadshows and flea markets are often temporary activities with demanding requirements of visitor/personnel management.

Smart Grid

Ursalink UR32 delivers a cost-optimized 4G LTE connection to mission critical M2M applications. It’s an ideal product for data transmission in a smart grid solution.


Ursalink best-in-class UR32 industrial cellular router delivers reliability, ensures uptime and reduces costs for retail and commercial business.


Ursalink works together with its Indian partner to build up an end-to-cloud connection for power meter project.


Ursalink delopys LoRaWAN® network in netherlands for a more sustainable pig farming.


Ursalink implements a LoRa-based office temperature monitoring solution to monitor temperatures in the office.


Uraslink provides LoRaWAN® network for LoRa-based smart bus tracking system which provides the estimated arrival time for passengers.


Digital farming consisting of LoRa technology and Internet of Things is solving the problem over how to feed a rapidly growing population across the globe.


Ursalink joins hands with system integrator for an advanced IoT solution and brings more security to school bus for children.


Ursalink collaborates with solution provider to secure internet connection on remote monitoring for PLCs.


Ursalink comes up with a solution that brings more flexibility and mobility to smart cold chain.


Ursalink improves data management and energy-saving for customers who wish to make significant strides in smart gas metering industry.


Ursalink provides stable and secure Internet access for video surveillance in server room and help engineers to get everything under control.


Ursalink helps mobile hospitals in Australia to leverage timely access to high-quality medical services to increase outcomes of health care.


Ursalink provides wireless data transmission solution with 3/4G network for remote outdoor video monitoring in the harsh environment.

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