IoT-based Secure ATM

Secure ATM is truly a trend.

Nowadays, the ever-changing info era drives people to move faster, smarter and to never stop. To go with this trend, ATMs are being developed in a new direction. Using mobile wireless network for data connectivity allows ATM or PoS terminal location to be deployed and changed at any time, anywhere. On the other hand, offering enhanced service, the value added advantages of M2M communications, enables ATMs or PoS terminal to engage with customers so as to promote brands and improve efficiency.

Featuring 3G standards (UTMS/HSPA+), 4G/LTE and backwards compatibility with 2G technologies, Ursalink industrial-grade routers support secure, reliable, flexible and cost-effective communications for point to point or point to multiple point use.


Application Example


Benefits & Features:

  • Solutions can be applied anywhere fixed line connectivity is unavailable or impractical, as well as where high-speed cellular network is needed to be backup connection
  • Failover between Ethernet and cellular connections and dual SIMs bakcup are allowed to have better link resiliency and service continuity
  • Ursalink routers allow ATMs to be remotely managed and resolved without needing to get a technician on site
  • Control security sensors using the I/O ports and instantly respond to physical and logical security attacks
  • The Python SDK makes it easy for you to develop applications integrated with your own system to support any function
  • Supports various type of VPN protocols so as to keep the transmission of sensitive data safe