Smart Vending Solution

The demand for vending terminals in many retail business sectors is growing. Different from staff service, self-service vending machines can provide 24/7 service to your customers, satisfying their demands every minute, every day.


Secure ATM

Secure data transfer is a requirement for mission-critical applications that highly sensitive information is transmitted with, such as ATMs. The Ursalink 3G/4G Router transmits securely through an integrated stateful firewall and VPN tunnels supporting the Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) protocol with AES encryption. With providing the non-interrupted and safe internet connection, Ursalink is proud to be a part of creating a user-friendly and reliable solution for ATM.


Digital Signage

Ursalink offers an ideal alternative for digital signage operators: a complete and integrated solution for setting up a reliable and affordable Internet connection instantly. The operator can update up-to-date contents of every digital signage remotely over cellular network in office, and monitor status of each digital signage as well so as to improve the management efficiency.


PoS Payment System

PoS (Point of Sales) systems is more than a cash fancy register, as they include time-saving features that help you analyze your sales data and manage your inventory. With Ursalink networking solution, PoS system could be smarter.