Oil & Gas Field

Oil & gas field is characterized by remote and inaccessible facilities where wireless communication usually is the only viable option for data transferring. Enterprises need to ensure continuous operation of critical equipment, no mater how far they are located.

Thus it’s significant to know the status of equipment and pipelines, and alert admin of problems once occurred without sending field workers to remote oil & gas sites.

With Ursalink 3G/4G wireless cellular VPN router deployed, oil & gas companies enhance digital oilfield initiatives for improved operations, reduce operating costs and increase profits.

Ursalink router gathers real-time data from sensors or PLC, acting as a master and transmits data to Modbus registers, which can be accessed by SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems via Modbus/TCP.

In addition, LoRaWAN® technology can be used to build LoRaWAN® networks in remote oil fields with the advantages of low power consumption, low cost and wide signal coverage. Ursalink UG87 LoRaWAN® gateway supports multiple channels and can also be used as a network server. It can collect data from various sensing devices in pipeline, oil and gas processing, processing, storage and transportation, and transmit data to remote monitoring platform and cloud platform through the network.


Application Example