FTU Monitoring

FTU (Feeder Terminal Unit) is an intelligent electronic device designed for the use in feeder automation to collect data from hundreds of feeders and transform them to the control center. It has been applied in distribution automation for fault detection, prediction, isolation and service restoration. However, FTU monitoring isn’t always a piece of cake for technicians.

Now you can rely on Ursalink industrial cellular router which will guard and grow your businesses while providing securely wireless networking solutions for your M2M communications. It is able to establish connections with FTU through ETH/RS232/RS485. Beyond that, as an IPsec Client, Ursalink industrial cellular router will send those received data to management center via IPsec tunnel.

Based on the solution, the downside of data management complexity and overloads risk will be easily conquered while producing high-quality output. Time to put Ursalink at your service!


Application Example


Benefits & Features:

  • Build Versatile Connectivity. Supports dual band Wi-Fi (2.4G & 5G) and GSM/3G/4GLTE
  • Redundant Connections for Backup. Automated failover between Wi-Fi and cellular (dual SIMs).
  • Highly Reliable and Secure. Multiple VPN channelsupports such as IPsec, OpenVPN, DMVPN, L2TP, GRE, PPTP for secure communication
  • Well-roundedafter-sale service. 24/7 online technical support from day to night & from east to west
  • Real-Time Diagnostics. Real-time SMS/Email alertdelivery if any issue occurs
  • IoT Platform Readiness: compatiblewith Microsoft Azure, ThingWorx, AWS and more
  • Rich Industrial Protocols Supports. Modbus Transparent, Modbus Master, Modbus Gateway, etc.
  • Comprehensive Serial Interfaces: RS232/RS485, DI/DO