IIoT Solution for Smart Energy

Oil & Gas Field

Remote field data from pressure sensor or gas meter and SCADA systems need to be captured frequently, for optimizing production and operation purpose. And more and more companies connect their Oil & Gas distribution online by cellular network.


Solar Mointoring

Solar energy can be used virtually in any application where electricity is required, from powering watch batteries to running entire cities. With solar monitoring, you will get to 24/7 peace of mind that your panels are working as efficiently as possible. Importantly, you’ll also gain the ability to view how much your solar system is actually saving on energy costs.


EV Charging Station

The ever-growing number of electric vehicles also has a profound impact on the demands of EV charging station, from its capability to coverage. With charging point monitoring, you can achieve operational efficiency and cost optimization by remote management and maintenance.


Wind Turbine Generator Monitoring System

Wind Turbines (WT) are one of the fastest growing sources of power production in the world today and there is a constant need to reduce the costs of operating and maintaining them. Rely on Ursalink technology, owners can  minimize downtime and maximize productivity of wind turbines.


FTU Monitoring

Feeder Automation is an important part of Distribution Automation. To achieve feeder automation, a logical system is necessary. Under the help of Ursalink industrial cellular router, FTU (Feeder Terminal Unit), the integral part of feeder automation, could be monitored, after which will drive desired outcome of minimal outage time, fewer service calls, and reduced monitoring and management demands.


Remote Pipeline Monitoring

Monitor pipelines from anywhere with Ursalink remote pipeline monitoring solution. Remote monitoring and control of your pipelines can decrease travel costs, prevent leaking and theft, and reduce OPEX costs.


Smart Metering

Smart metering solution helps consumers to control their energy use, allowing them to adopt measures that can efficiently help save money on their bills and offset price increases.


Desert Oilfield

Desert oilfield solution will realize IoT effect on this ecosystem and offers internet integration with UG87 LoRaWAN® Gateway for field monitoring and automation.