Wireless Video Surveillance

Wireless video surveillance is now trending. More and more video surveillance systems capitalize on IP-based cameras and communicate via Internet so as to achieve costs optimization and remote monitoring flexibility enhancement. Thanks to these rapidly expanding trends, the worldwide cellular carriers are racing to provide ever-faster 3G/4G wireless technologies for Internet service and video security applications can be deployed quickly and economically in various situations. But what has been missing is a simple but safe way to link cameras to the high-speed 3G/4G cellular network.

Ursalink provides two solutions for our customers to keep well-informed as well as keep an eye on any potential threats. One of them is 3G/4G cellular VPN router for wireless video surveillance, and the other is 3G/4G WIFI cellular VPN router for wireless video surveillance.

Both allow you to deploy an IP camera where trenching or cabling for Internet may be impractical or expensive. What’s more, they provide secure, reliable, flexible and cost-effective networking solutions for monitoring with IP cameras.


Application Example


Benefits & Features:

  • The design of small size and rugged enclosure makes Ursalink router easy to integrate into existing security cabinets
  • State-of-the-art Wi-Fi capability to share a stable Internet access for multiple cameras
  • Supports all of the latest cellular technologies (3G/4G LTE) and automatically maximize the available bandwidth and transmits as fast as the cellular connection allows
  • Supports max 512 GB SSD interface and Micro SD expansion to store plentiful images and videos
  • Supports various types of VPN protocols so as to keep the transmission of sensitive data safe
  • Prioritizes video traffic by bandwidth management feature