Wastewater Management

Smart wastewater management is now trending.

With global demand for clean water double every 10 years, the needs for more effective and smart wastewater management have been greater than ever before. It is critical that communities have to manage more effectively for fresh water supply and safely process wastewater, along with fewer financial resources at their disposal. The ability to access and remotely manage pumping and treatment systems is crucial in water management system. This can be most effectively implemented through the use of various wireless technologies.

Ursalink wireless industrial-grade router adapts to any type of network topology, supports reliable self-heal and allows future expansion. The integrated solution of SCADA, sensors, PLC, and Ursalink router has fulfilled the needs of critical monitoring and control.

The reliable communications system put in place brings the utility and cost savings together. It helps administrator to find and locate the potential danger of wastewater without any delay, sending real-time reports alarm to the relevant controller automatically and keeping water quality synchronized with administrator constantly.


Application Example


Benefits & Features:

  • Optimizes response times and immediately indicates critical diagnostic information
  • Improves monitoring and control of water flow over extended distances, reduces costs for manual labor and maximizes efficiency
  • Improves operator safety and efficiency by eliminating the need to travel to remote site locations for readings
  • Rich interfaces provide reliability as well as capacity for future expansion
  • Simplifies installation and commissioning of network with reduced infrastructure required