When we think of the indoor working space, all sorts of images will come to mind, such as the meeting rooms, HVAC systems, filtration, and other electronic systems. However, it is the case that office environment has often been ignored as factors that affect work performance. Therefore, it’s necessary to know how to utilize IoT devices -AM102 sensor in office monitoring and improve your work efficiency. 

Office Environment Monitoring Improves Work Efficiency


Low Cost Deployment Is Possible for Pleasant Microclimate

See how indoor office monitoring helps increase better labor outcome and wellness.


The LoRaWAN based AM102 ambience monitoring sensor is specifically designed to collect data of the environment, air pollutants and lightness in one device.

Temperature/Humidity Monitoring

AM102 sensor allows you to monitor and manage temperature and humidity levels across the offices and optimize conditions for your well-being and comfort.

Set up humidity threshold in the room between 40% and 60%, and temperature thresholds on 20–22°С during wintertime and 22-24°С during summertime. Also, AM102 sensor can help you auto turn on and off the HVAC system through a LoRaWAN controller with Digital Input and Output interfaces, according to the trigger settings in Ursalink Cloud platform.

Lighting Adjustment

The lighting in the office affects the visual perception. With AM102 sensor, you can make data-based decisions to optimize lighting system by utilizing natural light to auto deliver the right light at the right time. Reasonable lighting can not only protect your eyes and reduce fatigue, but also reduce mistakes in the work.


Motion (PIR) Detection

You can predicate meeting room occupancy in the office through behavior extraction, which saves your time and improve efficiency. AM102 sensor can be an energy saver as well by shutting off lights in a building when it senses no motion anymore.


Air Freshness Measurement

Carbon Dioxide and TOVC are the key indoor air emissions, which have an immediate and local effect on you indoors. You can rely on the AM102 to keep an eye on the air pollutants and provide optimal working conditions, and efficiency gains. 


To better steam-line your indoor office monitoring, it is recommended to use UG85 LoRaWAN gateway and Ursalink Cloud to enhance microclimate conditions inside office and improve concentration at work.