Outpatient Care Devices

Outpatient care devices are trending.

Reliable wireless connectivity enables thousands of new technologies and applications to help medical care providers achieve wireless performance and provides care service far beyond hospitals’ walls. The combined Internet of things and medical equipment will be more conducive to the management of equipment such as for maintenance, upgrade, etc.

The cellular connectivity provided by Ursalink industrial celluar router enables medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers achieving the highest levels of patient engagement and medical adherence with the lowest cost, leaving location concerns aside.

At hospital, medical devices connect to Ursalink industrial cellular router, through which transfers data to maintenance center via 3G/4G network. Besides, IPSec can be established between Ursalink router and maintenance center for data security. Administrators are able to view real-time temperature, humidity and other health statistics without leaving their table. They can also monitor equipment status to perform predictive maintenance, instead of repairing devices when it breaks down, which greatly reduce operating cost and decrease downtime.


Application Example


Benefits & Features:

  • Self-Monitoring to the multiple medical devices in real-time. Easily transmit data between devices and monitoring center through Internet
  • Supports 802.11/b/g/n/ac, as AP or client mode, to establish versatile wireless network or be the backup WAN link for 3G/4G and with VRRP, WAN failover, Dual SIM backup for reliable connection
  • Enable access to remote systems. To monitor the distributed devices from management server remotely and efficiently with easy-to-deploy cellular router solutions
  • Secure connection. Ursalink router supports ACL, MAC binding and multiple VPN protocols to make the devices stay in safety while in connection
  • Equipment Reliability and Longevity. By connecting critical assets to the Internet, Usralink router makes it easier for medical staff to monitor and maintain critical equipment
  • Lower Operational Costs. Reduce maintenance and increase efficiencies by combining with intelligent system and sensors