Noise Monitoring

Noise pollution is now everywhere in life: outdoor noise caused by machines and transport; loud music and lawn maintenance in residential areas; construction sound near hospitals and schools.

People probably know that loud noise can make them feel distracted but little attention is paid to the risk of high noise level contributing to some serious harms, especially to inpatients or outpatients in the hospital as most of them might already suffer from certain diseases and are in desperate need of a tranquil environment to rest and recover. To help people get back a quiet, healthy environment, Ursalink comes up with a noise monitoring solution for hospitals.

In the solution, noise sensor will collect data from surrounding environment and upload the data to Control Center via serial port RS232 or RS485 of Ursalink UR72 industrial router. The engineers at Control Center can then monitor if the noise exceeds an acceptable level. Meanwhile, UR72 industrial router provides secure and stable Internet for a digital screen to show the real-time numbers in decibel. When decibel level soars to the alarming level, UR72 industrial router will send out real-time SMS alerts to the engineers.


Application Example


Benefit & Features

  • Real-time noise monitoring and showcase of calculated data (Lp/Lmax/Lmin)
  • Mapping the noise level at every point inside and around the hospital
  • Real-time SMS alerts to engineers when decibel level soars to the alarming level
  • State-of-the-art Wi-Fi capability to share a stable Internet access for digital screen
  • Ease of installation and maintenance offered by the cellular technology, avoid fixed-line infrastructure
  • Troubles and save troubles of advanced installation expertise