Smart Cold Storage

Tap into the cold storage industry, on-site checking and monitoring data is time consuming and considered as an inefficient process. To meet the majority of industrial demanding needs, wireless technology becomes an integral part and it takes some major steps forward.

The convergence of RFID, RFID reader and UR7X series industrial cellular router will propose a complete wireless coverage for cold storage industry. Supporting Transparent/Modbus Gateway and featuring communication modules such as Wi-Fi and 3G/4G allow UR7X series to transmit data that receives from RFID reader to the management system without deploying any wiring. Also, it enhances capabilities of monitoring cold storage equipment’s temperature, energy consumption, and other parameters.

Further to this, mobility and redundancy via dual SIM functions will drop off the possibilities of link failure and ensure the seamless M2M communications. And real-time alert through SMS and Email allows operators to take actions timely so as to minimize loss and maximize highly possible uptime. In this way, the networking technology brings terrific value to businesses and enhanced enterprises’ profitability.


Application Example


Benefits & Features:

  • Increased Network Resilience. Dual SIM and automated failover between Wi-Fi and cellular.
  • Oversee Quality. Constant data monitoring and take prior action to maintenance issues.
  • High Processing Speed. Embeds 800MHz 64-bit processor and 256MB RAM
  • Wide Operating Temp. Functions properly in most harsh environment from cool to crucial.
  • All-Round Connectivity. Supports dual band 2.4G & 5G Wi-Fi and LTE/WCDMA.