Manufacturing Automation

Automation has helped keeping manufacturers competitive in the global market, but now it becomes more difficult to achieve a secure and reliable connection and communication among the specialized devices. Ursalink understands the unique requirements from automotive industry and supplies machine builders with industrial cellular routers.

PLC is the workhorses of industrial automation. In manufacturing environment, PLC collects data from equipment like moving conveyor belts, actuators, valves, etc, and has all of them controlled. As industrial automation becomes smarter, data acquisition plays an important role to develop real-time dashboards and analytics.

With PLC connected to the serial port or Ethernet port of the Ursalink router, it allows secure and reliable remote access via 3G/4G to the equipment from anywhere in the world. This provides real-time monitoring on the status of connected equipment, contributing to reducing maintenance costs, improving support response time and increasing productivity.


Application Example


Benefits & Features:

  • Internet Enable Serial Devices. Serial-based (RS232/485) devices can be directly interfaced with the router without additional converter.
  • Access Remote Equipment From Anywhere. The cellular networks (3G/4G LTE) provide continuous access to any device attached to the router.
  • Total Security for Remote Control. Ursalink router combines the state-of-the-art firewall  and VPN features into one device to protect the equipment against Internet threats.
  • Faster Transmission Speed. Ursalink router models can switch from 10/100/1000 Mbps depending on connectivity. The low transmission delay and very high data rates completely eliminate the need for very complex installation of wired infrastructure in industrial environment.Compact & Rugged Design. The small size, wide temperature, low power consumption, and external antenna options make it up to any harsh environment.