Boiler Control System for Plastic Manufacturing Applications

The boiler control system plays a critical role in gathering and regulating information and ensures production going accurate and smooth in plastic manufacturing applications.

In this case, the customer combines eight subsystems that include power meters, water meters, displays, I/O status and alarm output. All of them are controlled by several intelligent controllers with Modbus RTU interface. The Modbus TCP protocol is used for this application due to the distance limits.

In such application, PLCs control the boiler system, and intelligent controllers are responsible for retrieving information from the boiler and subsystems. When the control server (IPC) needs to acquire data from the boiler, the intelligent controllers with Modbus RTU interface will retrieve data from the boiler.

The command is sent with Modbus TCP packet format through the Local Area Network (LAN) and received by the Ursalink industrial cellular router. The Ursalink router would then convert the packet into Modbus RTU messages for the intelligent controller and forward it to the remote control server via Modbus TCP. It ends up with the intelligent controller receiving the command from the IPC and relaying the data by using Modbus TCP communication. Normally, PLCs and intelligent controllers control and monitor information separately.

This unique architecture will ensure fast retrieval of real time data and allows for immediate alert if the primary communication (PLC) is down.


Application Example

Topological -Graph- Io-Based-Boiler-Control- System

Benefit & Features

  • Response timeout auto detection to define the suitable timeout value
  • Less Ethernet wiring effort
  • Cost-effective serial-to-Ethernet Modbus solution that leverages existing utilities and devices