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Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is now trending.

As a major symbol of modern urban civilization, city street lighting system has become an indispensable public facility in our daily life. Nowadays, with the development of city, an energy-efficient, safe, economic and accessible automation lighting solution has become the urgent demand of the public.

With the 3G/4G WiFi cellular VPN router, Ursalink intelligent lighting solution helps you monitor energy, emission and status of indoor or outdoor lighting fixtures. It supports remotely control via wireless radio technology (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz WiFi) to help you save energy only by using the precise amount of lights you need and by accurately measuring every watt used. You can cut maintenance expenses by real-time fault monitoring and improve day-to-day effectiveness and planning by using operationally-detailed  intelligence.

smart lighting iot

Application Example

smart lighting application graph

Benefits & Features:

  • Reliable connectivity provided by the Ursalink industrial cellular router that can scale from very low to high speed of data throughput to support diverse lighting applications
  • Ease of installation and maintenance offered by the cellular technology, avoid fixed-line infrastructure troubles and save troubles of advanced installation expertise
  • Sending real-time alerts on predefined rules, a efficient and qualify of life can be more guaranteed
  • Dramatically lower power consumption and costs, with some cities realizing up to 80% energy savings
  • Up to 100-meter coverage range of Wi-Fi network allows the public to enjoy free high-speed Internet access. Wi-Fi solution also provides much more new businesses to network providers and media providers
  • Various external interfaces allows you to link sensor, IP camera, etc.
  • Available Ursalink SDK (Python 2.7/C) allows you to develop M2M applications easily integrated with your own system to make things much more flexible