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Alibaba IoT Link Market

a one-stop trading platform for IoT/M2M products, services and solutions, aims to bring together high-quality hardware manufacturers, service providers and system integrators around the world to accelerate the construction of a more connected world.


China Mobile IoT Alliance

China Mobile IoT Alliance is jointly initiated by China Mobile and a number of partners and is engaged with enterprises and institutions in the realms of IoT chips, modules, terminals, networks, platforms, applications and more. It is a non-profit organization that conducts technology research and development, application deployment, industrialization, etc.


China Unicom IoT Alliance

China Unicom IoT Alliance aims to create an ecosystem for all the Chinese companies from industries of Internet of Things, Cloud computing, big data, 5G communications and artificial intelligence.



Exosite provides IoT software built by our elite team of smart-technology experts. Our enterprise platform and business solutions power our clients’ connected-product strategies and accelerate success. With our rich ecosystem of tools, partnerships, and professional services, we help companies gain valuable insight into their products and the people using them.



myDevices is an Internet of Things solutions company. We accelerate IoT development and empower enterprises to quickly design, prototype, and commercialize IoT solutions. IoT in a Box™ by myDevices is the world’s leader in turnkey, fully automated remote refrigeration monitoring solutions for a variety of vertical markets.



TagoIO offers an end-to-end cloud platform that transforms the way businesses create value from connected products and user interactions.


The Things Network

Through robust end-to-end encryption, a secure and collaborative Internet of Things network is built that spans accross many countries around the globe.