December 21, 2018, Xiamen – China, in the spirit of making the winter as stress-free as possible, Ursalink hosted a BBQ party in DongPing Mountain on December 15, where goldfish crowded the pond, the dog napped on the doorstep and trees were still in full bloom. The weather is also so adorable with sunlit clouds drifting across a clear blue sky and the water in the pond glittering invitingly.

With the pleasant smell rising up from the grill and red glow dancing in the charcoal fire, all of our colleagues became BBQ masters and started to give ingredients a generous sprinkling of condiments on both sides, set them on a hot grill, and rest for a while for the juices to settle. From lamb kebabs to chicken wings, from oysters to corn—along with plenty of side dishes, everyone had a lot to choose from for such a successful cookout that pleased them. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food and breeze and talked about various interesting things.

A group photo at the end of the BBQ was always a good choice to make it a day.



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