XIAMEN, CHINA, November 30, 2017 – Ursalink (www.ursalink.com), a customer-centric hardware manufacturer, is proud to announce its new progress. In other words, Ursalink has met all the Microsoft Azure certification requirements. Also Ursalink got certifications for UR71, UR72, and UR75 industrial wireless router.


The versatile UR71, UR72 and UR75, featuring Gigabit Ethernet, failover, Python SDK, firewall, VPN and more, satisfied customers because of its swift, stable and secure M2M communications.

Therefore, having integrated Microsoft Azure, Ursalink routers favor the ability to transmit remote field data to the Azure IoT Cloud.  Customers are able to perform further analysis, turn insights into action and take measures accordingly prior to any malfunction or permanent damage may occur.

Furthermore, as an intelligent IoT-based strategy, the convergence of the UR7x Series and the Azure IoT Cloud comes with exciting promises. As a result, this drives custom-tailored IoT solutions, operation efficiency enhancement and downtime expenses reduction.

The UR7X Series is now listed on Azure IoT Device Catalog:





About Ursalink:

At Ursalink we are passionate about the connectivity of “things” to the cloud. We leverage the value of the top trending technologies that transform the world we live in and are committed to our partners who share the same passion. We believe that the complexity of data collection, storage and retrieval can be simplified into the Cloud-intelligence. Our development and distribution of these appliances and services demonstrates our commitment to the digital transformation and continues to deliver compelling connectivity for IoT world. For more information, please visit www.ursalink.com.