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Product Image Guideline

As a general rule, corporations and individuals can use Ursalink product images under certain circumstances. There are 2 aspects of product image use that are critical for our partners to understand when using our images:

  • Image Use by Commercial Purpose
  • Image Use by Non-Commercial Purpose

The following guidelines are intended as the minimum criteria for determining if the proposed third-party use of Ursalink Product Image is permissible.

Image Use by Commercial Purpose

Ursalink is pleased to share product images directly with:

  • Ursalink certified business partners for use in partnership-related commercial initiatives.
  • Non-certified Individuals or corporations with written agreement from Ursalink. Please contact

Acceptable Use:
Advertisements, promotional collateral (print or digital), partner websites and the like may feature Ursalink product images in the context of the partnership with Ursalink.
In all cases, the use of Ursalink product images must be accompanied by copy, graphics, or the Ursalink logo referencing the partnership. The reference does not need to happen on the image itself, but it should be in relative proximity to ensure a third party can identify the context.

Unacceptable Use:

  • Ursalink product images should NOT be used directly on products or packaging.
  • Partners’ company logos should NOT be placed directly on top of Ursalink product images.
  • Commercial product shots may NOT be placed on top of or overlapping Ursalink product images. There must always be a clear, visual separation between Ursalink product images and any commercial product or product offering.

Image Use by Non-Commercial Purpose

In keeping with the spirit of the Internet, Ursalink product images on this website may be used for non-commercial and educational purposes. In other words, an Internet user may download a file and share it with others where no personal or commercial gain is involved.

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