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IoT-based Solar Monitoring

Solar monitoring is trending.

To protect the environment we live, solar energy as a new renewable clean energy has become widely utilized. The rapidly evolving need to remotely monitor and control utility-scale solar power generating assets is driving demand for solar monitoring solutions. However, some difficulties occur on daily maintenance. For example, staff have to be sent out to site to  check out and do some repair regularly in the whole year in distribution system, which costs lots of money.

Ursalink offers an advanced wireless solution comprised of an 3G/4G wireless cellular router and a cloud management platform, which is optimized to meet the demanding requirements of utility-scale deployments, and can be integrated with site-specific devices to deliver a best-in-class solar monitoring solution.

Ursalink M2M solution provides local or remote monitoring & management and reporting capabilities using Modbus TCP interface. Customization with standard programming techniques is also possible. Aside from this, it provides various interfaces such as serial, I/O, Ethernet port for external peripherals. Ursalink industrial router gathers real-time data from inverters, acting as a master and transmits data to Modbus registers, which can be accessed by the supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) via Modbus /TCP.

smart solar monitoring

Application Example

iot based solar monitoring

Benefits & Features:

  • High-speed cellular network enables solutions to be applied anywhere fixed line connectivity is unavailable or impractical
  • Delivers compatibility with third-party products for a comprehensive solution
  • Reduces risk of complete system shutdown due to ground faults
  • Mutiple management methods allows devices to be maintained by administrator remotely
  • Provides unmatched reliability as an alternative for signal and data wiring
  • Various external interfaces allows you to link sensor, IP camera or inverter, etc.
  • Remote alarming via email and SMS
  • Full 3-year warranty (free of charge) and 24/7 online technical support