Global Control & Connectivity Kit


UC3414 Remote I/O

2 x Digital Input

2 x Relay Output


1 Year Data Plan

(10 MB Per Month)



1 Year Cloud Service



Note: The SMS card is only available with the UC3414 inclouded in the same package.

Data Consumption in UC3414 via Cloud

Operation Keepalive Remote On/Off Create a Command Delete a Command
Consumption 0.20 KB 1.17 KB 0.44 KB 0.40 KB

1 MB = 1024 KB, the actual result of data consumption may be different caused by carrier’s calculation method.

Challenges of building up a remote control & monitoring solution


Controlling Device

a proper appliance reliable and intelligent to control field assets


Connectivity Service

picking a suitable mobile operator and data plan is such a nuisance in many countries.


Management Center

Setting up a management platform on Cloud is not always easy to non-technical members.


923 × 465_power-failure-monitoring

Power Failure Monitoring & Generator Autostart

Power interruption can cause huge financial losses in many situations like in factories, cold rooms and labs. Starting a generator automatically and sending alarms timely to personnel when the power fails is the best way to minimize loss.

  • Monitor Power Condition
  • Receive Email & Push Alar
  • Starting Generator Automatically

Level Monitoring & Pump Control

Sending personnel to on-site field to monitor water level and control pump is a definite waste of time and cost. With Ursalink Control & Connectivity Kit, you can always finish your tasks at fingertips.

  • Monitor Water Level
  • Receive Email & Push Ala
  • Starting Pump Automatica

Industrial Monitoring

By simple connect your industrial assets to Ursalink UC3414 is able to receive in-time alarm message when monitoring condition triggered.

  • PLC Fault Alarm
  • Machine Status Mo
  • Production Line M

Smart Building

The UC3414 can be used to automates the building and gives you control via your cellphone.

  • Gate Access Control
  • Lighting Control Hea
  • Heating & Cooling