Ursalink Cloud security at Ursalink is the highest priority. For businesses and personal users, cloud security is of great significance when they control activities of end-nodes. Curiosity about knowing whether his/her information is safe and secure is human’s nature and legally all businesses have obligation to keep such data secure and even some laws are stringent about data collection, storage, and retrieval.



1. What Is Ursalink Cloud and Its Security Mechanism?

Ursalink Cloud is a comprehensive cloud-based on AWS. It collects data from Ursalink end-nodes and provides APIs, App and Web GUI for users. Data security and privacy is the highest priority at Ursalink and for its users; therefore, Ursalink Cloud offers a range of security mechanism to protect your data.


2. How Does Ursalink Cloud Security Mechanism Work?

X.509 certificates act as secure identifiers, digital passports which contain information about the owner. Every device uses a unique certificate that ensures all data from end nodes to Ursalink Cloud is well validated and encrypted.

With functionalities of anti-spoofing and data encryption, HTTPS protocol keeps communication securely between user-end and Ursalink Cloud.

Ursalink Cloud uses OAuth for user authorization.

Data Storage
User data is placed and protected by AWS.


3. What Are the Benefits of Ursalink Cloud?

1) Device Sharing & Transferring:

  • Allow admin to add users for co-operating;
  • Share device with multiple users;
  • Share with different levels of permission;
  • Transfer ownership of devices easily;

2) Intuitive Interface: 

  • Manage Ursalink end-nodes effectively;
  • Transform collected data into the intuitive graphic chart;
  • Highly configurable with each interface of device;
  • Control remote devices with just one click;

3) Reduced Time & Cost: Personnel can operate Ursalink end-nodes easily on Web or Mobile App without going to the site.

  • Customize alert threshold;
  • Create Triggers in a snap;
  • Schedule time-based events easily;
  • Control remote Things with just one click;
  • Receive alerts via E-mail and mobile push;

4) Flexible API: The Ursalink Cloud provides HTTPs and RESTful APIs to transform data collected from field devices into visualization in software applications, for example, report tools or other applications.


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