Measuring tank levels in industrial applications is a difficult task to carry out with repeated accuracy and reliability. We can continue to take use of the inexpensive traditional stick made of wood, metal or plastic and inspect it by our sense, but it’s labor cost and easy to error-making due to the manual reporting methods. In some applications, the submersible sensor is also not an ideal optimal choice to measure levels in tanks with corrosive, boiling and hazardous chemicals. However, a wireless ultrasonic level sensor is the best option that does not come into contact with the fluid itself, minimizing the potential of false reading caused by corrosion.


There are many kinds of technologies in the market with accuracy, reliability and costs, such as the optical method, radar method. But they are not the best answer to seemingly intractable problems of reliable level measurement for applications where a ultrasonic solution is needed.


  • Sensors can get dirty over time and users are not able to make measurement at all
  • Sensors are dependent on human labor to measure levels, which means the risk of error and danger
  • Sensors are much higher in price than the ultrasonic level sensor

Featured Product

Ursalink offers ultrasonic level sensor with extremely accurate to 1% of the detected range. The non-contact, liquid level sensors can work for compact tanks with measuring ranges from 0.3 meters up to 10 meters and work in a variety of hazardous locations approvals to meet the demands of the chemical processing industries.



    • EM500-UDL Ultrasonic Level LoRaWAN Sensor

The EM500-UDL sensors are ideal for the most popular application that is measuring the level or volume of a body of liquid in a tank and container. If the vessel is linear, then estimating volume is easy.



Sensors can mount at the top of the tank and face down toward the liquid surface. They work on the same principle that sensor sends a signal and measure time that send signal needs to come back. By measuring the time, knowing the distance to the liquid and the tank height, the level or volume of liquid is calculated.

The LoRaWAN based ultrasonic level sensor can collect data and send it to the base station wirelessly. Its build-in lithium battery powered design can save your maintenance troubles and significant cost in day-to-day usage.

The level data can be displayed on the Ursalink Cloud platform or transferred to the third party’s application server for viewing by admins.



Sustainable High-performance Design

Reduction of sensor fouling or corrosion that caused by the chemical objects.

Guaranteed Data Accuracy and Reliability

Free from the disturbance of surface color or optical reflectivity of the object. The accuracy of the reading remains unaffected even after changes in the chemical composition of fluids.

Ease of Use

Easy installation on the structure of the tank over the liquid. Removable, reusable, and leaves no cable and mess.

Cost-Effective Solution

Little power consumption and relatively inexpensive.