MAP policy definition

A MAP policy is a policy or condition that dictates the absolute cheapest price a distributor or retailer can advertize a product outside of the store. These policies usually include incentives for companies to comply with the terms, and equally include repercussions in the event of a violation of the policy.

While distributors can break MAP policies, as this in itself is not illegal, suppliers can penalize them in accordance with the agreed-upon terms or simply terminate contracts. Such penalties can include withholding of orders or contract termination and so on.


Ursalink MAP policy

MAP policy applies to all advertisements of Ursalink products on all online shops including but not limit to Amazon, eBay, Tindie, Lazada, etc.


  • Ursalink authorized online shops may not advertize a single unit below the MAP through “add to cart,” “too low to advertise,” “call for pricing,” or any other advertizements in this spirit, meant to circumvent stated the policy.
  • Minimum Advertized Price is set by Ursalink and the MAP price for each item will be available for distributors. The MAP price is to be the lowest retail price advertized for the sale of a single unit. The MAP price does not pertain to volume discounts.
  • The policy applies only to advertized prices on online shops and does not apply to the price at which Ursalink products are actually sold. Adding a product to an online “cart” or “checkout” does not constitute as the closure of a sale and is a violation of the policy.
  • Ursalink will certify the online shop by the link of the shop on their websites, the company name, address, contact person, email, as well as the telephone number.
  • The first violation of the policy will result in a warning from Ursalink and the requirement of adjusting the price within 24 hours after getting an email from Ursalink. The second time violation will be banned from future sales, and be listed on a blacklist. Ursalink will inform all distributors to stop supplying Ursalink products to violators since the date of reporting.