What is Network Server?

The Network Server is the backbone for your LoRaWAN® network. It guarantees an efficient link between the devices and the applications.

  • Network Manager: It connects and authenticates the network equipment (gateways, nodes) and manages user access.
  • Time Keeper: The Network Server governs the network behavior, including the synchronization between gateways and devices.
  • Gateway to IP World: It ensures bidirectional communication between the devices and your applications.

What is Ursalink Embedded LoRaWAN® Network Server?

Usually in LoRaWAN® network solutions, the Network Server used to be a cloud-based service or be deployed on a specified server, which requires additional cost and more complex network design.

The UG87 with embedded network server provides an entry-level management solution for simple and economical network setup based on Ursalink’s highly intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), and allows users to speed up deployment, optimize network operation and maintenance, and quickly put their data to work.

How to Configure and Use Ursalink Embedded LoRaWAN® Network Server?

What Are the Benefits of Embedded LoRaWAN® Network Server?

1. Quick Network Setup & Easy Operation Management

With Ursalink embedded LoRaWAN® network server, you can ease decision-making for LoRa network deployment, because the streamlined design and installation will help you achieve quick network setup and easy operation management throughout the network lifetime.

2. Save Investment & Boost Business

It lowers your upfront investment and helps you adapt to nascent business cases and boost their deployment.

3. Full Integration into Ursalink LoRaWAN® Gateway

The embedded LoRaWAN® network server is fully integrated into the gateway’s firmware so that users can reduce the need for extensive cyber-security, cloud storage, and more complex network design, which add costs and slow down deployment.

4. Real-Time Data Collection & Processing

In applications spanning the diversity of smart IoT deployments, Ursalink UG87 easily collects data and runs it in real time, or in post-processing, to tune use cases and business models.

5. Ready for Future Upgrade

Once the consolidated and connected end-device volumes ramp up, customers can smoothly switch to a more carrier-grade network and operations management solutions.