In the process industry, PT100 sensor is universally and broadly used to measure extreme temperatures covering a wide range from -200 to +800°C. Also, the sensor type indicates two important factors about the sensor. The first factor PT, is the chemical symbol for Platinum and this shows that the sensor is Platinum-made. The second factor 100 means 100Ω,which  relates to the resistance of the device at 0°C. And in Ursalink, powered by one replaceable 19000 mAh Li-SOCL2 battery, this IoT sensor EM500-PT100 is compatible with LoRaWAN technology.


EM500-PT100 temperature sensor sits at the sweet spot of excellent accuracy, wide temperature range and various applications.

1) Excellent Accuracy for Extreme Temperatures

There are three different ways to measure resistance. You can use a 2, 3 or 4 wire connection. The 2-wire connection is generally only suitable for very low accuracy measurement, because any wire resistance or connection resistance will introduce error to the measurement. Any normal process measurement should be done using 3-wire connection at least. And Ursalink EM500-PT100 is taking use of 3-wire connection measurement for compensating the cable resistance, so as to guarantee the accuracy of collected temperature data.

2) Platinum Probes for Wide Temperature Range

Platinum has a positive resistance temperature factor; resistance increases with rising temperature. Although platinum is a precious metal and therefore very expensive, it delivers greater linearity and stability than any other material.

Ursalink EM500-PT100 supports the temperature range from -50 to +200°C by default and is able to expand the range up to -200 to +800°C through customizing service.

3) Adapted Design for a Multitued of Applications

The EM500-PT100 comes with a couple of types of probes.

The straight tube type of EM500-PT100 probe that can be used in the common industrial sectors such as measuring operations in extremely humid atmospheric condition. 


Besides that straight tube type, you can also get some other types of probe including the armoured, the pressure ring, the magnet, the threaded and SMT, etc by customizing service. They are also helping EM500-PT100 sensor work smoothly in applications affected by vibrations and/or impact from turbines, pumps, compressors and other industrial equipment. 

Furthermore, the independent Li-SOCL2 battery inside this sensor makes it relatively immune to electrical noise and therefore is well suited for temperature measurement in harsh industrial environments.


Ursalink EM500-PT100 temperature sensor gives superior performance of hardware and high accuracy data.

  1. Easy Configuration with NFC technology
  2. Easy Deployment with Wall Mounting/ Pole Mounting/ DIN RAIL
  3. IP68 weatherproof and waterproof housing  
  4. For use in air, water and any benign and corrosive environment (dependent on probe type)
  5. Up to 2 year battery life (dependent on use)

Typical Applications

  • Ultra Cold Freezers (-80°C)
  • Refining, petrochemical
  • Power & energy industries 
  • High-vibration applications: turbines, pumps, compressors  
  • Plant Processing 


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