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Connectivity Suite

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UR32 Series Industrial Cellular Router Live Streaming

UR32 industrial cellular router is here teeming with forward-looking technologies, full-featured capabilities, and flexible modular design. It’s well positioned to take your IoT/M2M communications to the next level.

Success Stories

  • LoRa in Digital Farming
  • Smart Bus Tracking
  • Smart Cold Chain
  • Smart Gas Metering
  • Video Surveillance in Server Room
  • 24/7 Real-Time Monitoring in Mobile Hospitals


UrsalinkDigital farming consisting of LoRa Technology and Internet of Things is solving the problem over how to feed a rapidly growing population across the globe. >>>

UrsalinkUrsalink introduces LoRa technology for bus tracking system. >>>

ursalink_smart_cold_chainUrsalink comes up with a solution that brings more flexibility and mobility to smart cold chain. >>>

ursalink_smart_gas_meteringUrsalink improves data management and energy-saving for customers who wish to make significant strides in smart gas metering industry. >>>

1024x512secure_server_roomUrsalink provides stable and secure internet access for video surveillance in server room and help engineers to get everything under control. >>>

UrsalinkUrsalink helps mobile hospitals in Australia to leverage timely access to high-quality medical services to increase outcomes of health care. >>>

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