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What are the considerations when choosing electronic components?
Electronic components are the basic components of electronic systems, and are the basic circuit units that can perform predetermined functions and cannot be further divided. Due to the large number and variety of electronic components, their performance, reliability and other parameters have a great impact on the system performance, reliability, life cycle and other technical indicators of the entire electronic product. [ 详情 >> ]
What electronic components do semiconductors include?
Darlington tube principle: Darlington tube is also called composite tube. It properly connects two triodes together to form an equivalent new triode. This is equivalent to the magnification of the triode being the product of the two. Applications of Darlington tubes: [ 详情 >> ]
What will be the future development direction of electronic components?
New components refer to a new generation of electronic components with new structures, new functions, and new uses made of new principles, new technologies, new processes or new materials, which can promote the informatization of the national economy and promote the update of electronic technology and the whole machine. Replacement. It has the characteristics of miniaturization, multi-function and greening, and has a good market application prospect, which can realize large-scale production and [ 详情 >> ]
How to identify electronic components on a circuit board?
Moreover, electronic components have different packaging types. Different types of components have the same shape, but their internal structures and uses are very different. For example, the components packaged in TO220 may be triodes, thyristors, field effect transistors, or double diodes. The components of TO-3 package include transistors, integrated circuits, etc. Diodes also have several packages, glass package, plastic package and bolt package, so how to identify them? Let’s take a look wit [ 详情 >> ]
What are the principles to follow when choosing electronic components?
When choosing electronic components, we should not blindly pursue cheap prices or purchase convenience, because components play an important role in PCB circuit boards and are one of the key elements of PCB board making. [ 详情 >> ]
Where are electronic components used?
There are many types of electronic components, including those used in household appliances. In the production process, various industrial instruments also need to be supplemented with various electronic components so that the industrial instruments can function normally. In addition, many radio equipment also requires the use of electronic components. [ 详情 >> ]
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