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Why Ursalink

Ursalink was established to capitalize on the revolutionary trend of connecting, monitoring and controlling machines and things in our environments. Check the reasons why you should choose Ursalink.

Execute with Excellence

We spare no efforts in quality control and product innovation so as to deliver remarkable reliability and usability. The strong R&D capability not only empowers Ursalink to integrate proven technology into our products that boasts peerless performance, but helps satisfy our customers’ preferences and expectations as well offer customized solutions, along with stability, reliability, and security delivered. You can find Ursalink everywhere in the fields of Financial Sector, Security & Surveillance, Smart Logistics, Industrial Automation, Medical Institution, Smart City, Remote Machine Monitoring and beyond all over the world.


Global Readiness

Customer-oriented, Ursalink deploys and delivers services with a worldwide network of distributors and resellers, from well-rounded before/after sale services to the real time technical support, from east to west. Along the way we build up long-lasting and trustworthy relationship with our customers.


Gear up Your Business with Ursalink

To help you achieve mission-critical goal, improve work efficiency and optimize cost savings, Ursalink provides versatile M2M / IoT solutions for you to pick up. Our services, ranging from industrial cellular router to the Ursalink Cloud Management, assist you in extending the reach of your devices and networks as well as fitting green-hand level application needs or meeting advanced setup demands accordingly.

Wherever machine talks, Ursalink connects.

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