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Industrial Automation

Manufacturing Automation

The Manufacturing Automation is based on the application of the IoT technology, combined with the advanced manufacturing technology of the future, and form a new intelligent manufacturing system and use the environmental awareness of all kinds of terminal, mobile communications and other technology to industrial production of each link, which lead to an increased efficiency of the manufacturing, product quality improvement, product cost and resource consumption decrease and improve traditional industry to a new stage of intelligence.

industrial automation

Smart Cold Storage

Ursalink provides total solution of wireless connectivity for cold storage industry and helps to increase oversee quality, monitor equipment’s temperature, predict maintenance, capture real-time data and more.

Smart Cold Storage

Smart Checkweigher and Packing Machines

Ursalink offers a highly precise and ultra-fast checkweigher solution for food packaging industry. Through the IoT-based management, manufacturers are able to achieve efficient operation and stay ahead of most issues.

Industrial Weighing Scales

Intelligent PLC Management Solution

PLC often applied to industrial production in the plant, the plant could be located anywhere in the world, to manage the large scale of PLCs, Ursalink offers a intelligent solution.