About Ursalink | Industrial-grade M2M/IoT Hardware
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Ursalink is a professional high-tech enterprise specializing in the design and manufacture of best-in-class industrial-grade M2M/IoT hardware and solutions with superior performance, relentless reliability and unquestioned security for the global market.

Sales and Marketing

Ursalink maintains trustworthy and close relationship with our customers through a worldwide network of distributors and integrators. Based on customer-orientation spirit, Ursalink offers real time technical support and before/after-sales service, being your reliable partner in all demanding environments.

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R&D Strength

Ursalink’s core competence lies in its strong R&D capability. Carrier-grade management and powerful edge processing capabilities together with an OpenWrt-Linux and Ursalink Python SDK give businesses the freedom to innovate without restriction. We are able to introduce innovative products and satisfy customers’ requirements with customized solutions.

The R&D team in Ursalink has been concentrating on developing the industrial cellular routers and supporting our partners to deploy them in various segments, e.g. Financial Sector, Security & Surveillance, Smart Logistics, Industrial Automation, Medical Institution, Smart City, Remote Machine Monitoring and more across the globe.